What are the Differences Between OEM and Aftermarket Auto Windshield Glass?

When it comes to auto windshield glass, there are a few key differences between OEM and aftermarket glass. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and is the same glass that was installed in your vehicle when it came off the assembly line. This glass is manufactured in accordance with the very specific regulations of your car manufacturer and must match the original in size, shape, color, thickness, and durability. It is also certified by the Department of Transportation for safety.

On the other hand, aftermarket windshields need to be adjusted correctly and may differ in thickness or color from the original. When a car design is finalized and ready to go into production, automakers solicit bids from automotive glass manufacturers. The manufacturer that provides the original glass that the automaker places in your vehicle is known as an OEM. This glass is almost identical to the factory glass your vehicle came with when it was new.

It even has the vehicle's brand logo printed on it. Insurance companies will usually only pay for OEM glass if the vehicle is less than 2 years old and is still under a full coverage policy. OEM quality glass is also available from other reputable automotive glass manufacturers who may or may not have bid on a particular model. This type of glass meets all of the same requirements as OEM glass but may not necessarily be manufactured by the same company that originally manufactured the windshield and installed it on your car.

At Cornerstone Auto Glass, we take extra steps to ensure the highest quality installations possible. We thoroughly inspect all new glass for defects prior to installation and only use OEM or OEM quality glass that meets all government regulations and standards. We also make sure that all windshields are printed with the name and logo of the car manufacturer so you can be sure you're getting a windshield that is almost identical to the factory glass your vehicle came with when it was new.

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