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Who bought Autoglass now?

This acquisition makes Driven Brands one of the largest Auto Glass service providers in North America, says the company. AGN will keep its name and continue to provide its windshield and side window repair and replacement services already in place. SOURCE Driven Brands More news releases in similar topics Due to the complexities of glass-related repair, I-CAR announced in June its new Mopar Certified Glass Installer Program, touting it as “the industry’s first OEM glass repair certification. These businesses serve retail, insurance, and fleet customers, and provide third-party auto glass claims management solutions for the Canadian market.

AGN is an industry leader, backed by over 20 years of experience, in Auto glass repair, replacement, and calibration with more than 75 locations throughout the U. However, if necessary, Driven Brands will consider collaboration between the parent company’s brands, he said.

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